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About the Exchange

Stocktakes are used to update the database at least quarterly.

To confirm we still have the material you need please contact us.

In the database please ensure you have refined your search based on whether you are after 'seed' or 'plants' > the numbers reported relate to volume of seed held or number of tubestock.

If you find a seed lot without a location name 'we don't know' the provenance of that material - it is a journey of continuous improvement for us too.

We welcome supporters of the portal and willingly acknowledge active support.

We are not big on copyright, but if you use any of the images from the site, please acknowledge the photographer (see below).

We do respect your privacy and will not provide your details to any other parties or use them for any purposes other than communicating about the portal.


Linda Broadhurst from CSIRO Plant Industry provided technical input to the provenance guidance on the website. 

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Bindi Vanzella



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